Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights:

Solar Street Lights are of highest quality, long life and at competitive price. We ensure the quality and provides guarantee and extensive customer support on all of its products. We have established a strict quality control and we ensure that the solar street light is at a reasonable cost. Junna solar is a leader in solar street light project implementations in India with proven and established track record of low cost and high project deliverable.
It gives immediate lighting solution in any location. Solar Street Lights help to reduce the usage of electrical energy. Solar street light is an integrating system which consists of LED Luminary, Solar panels, battery, charge controller & pole. Street lights they get charged during the day, in night time photocells or timers help them to identify dusk and get switched on from dusk to dawn.

Key Features:

Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation

The solar street light will turn on and off automatically. These intelligent street lights will also turn on when they see light going below a certain level during the day. There is no hassle of changing times for different weathers with solar street light.

Free from cable Breaks
Solar street light are free from lengthy wire. When compared to the standard solar street light, these street lights are made in such a fashion that whole body including the battery are concise and concealed to reveal an elegant product.

High Efficiency
Having a solar panel is one thing, having a good efficiency solar panel is completely another thing. Our solar panels are of higher efficiency than your most standard solar panels.

Intelligent Charge Controllers
Our unique and intelligent charge controllers automatically switch on and off the battery charging. This helps in extending the battery life and the system altogether.

Elegant design for appeal
One praise that we constantly get from our customers is that we have appealing design for the casing and whole body. Having a solar street light will not make a difference until people notice a futuristic design that appeals to them.

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